Informalized City

Tower Conversions, Thorncliffe Park, Toronto, 2011 / 2013.

Design work and feasibility for conversion of ground floor units to mixed-use community oriented spaces. Work conducted in parallel to the City of Toronto’s RAC (Residential Apartment Commercial) Zoning initiative. The site was Thorncliffe Park, a Toronto neighbourhood that contains a dense array of existing 1960’s ‘tower-in-the-park’ residential apartment concrete highrise buildings. Using community-based workshops, projects were developed in collaboration with local community groups, community residents, and the United Way Toronto.

Project participants included fourth-year B.Architectural Science students at Ryerson’s Department of Architectural Science, through a 2013 course taught by Vis Sankrithi and a 2011 course taught by Vis Sankrithi with Professor Miljana Horvat.

2013 project review panel included Joe D’Abramo, Acting Director of City of Toronto Planning; Chi Nguyen, United Way Toronto; Elise Hug, City of Toronto planner; Christian Bellini and Kenny Cryer, Blackwell Structural Engineers; David Sinclair, Mechanical Engineer; Graeme Stewart, ERA Architects; Chris Pommer, PLANT Architects; and Ken Greenberg, Urban Designer.


Towers rendering by David Di Giuseppe.
Workshop conducted by Ryerson architecture studio students & Thorncliffe residents.
Thorncliffe physical model by Ryerson architecture studio students.
Poster for University of Toronto Tower Renewal conference by Andrew Sit.
Exhibition at Ryerson University.

Video produced by Ryerson University for 2015 United Way Campaign.